Liss runner looks forward to being back on the road after operation

A former half-marathon champion from Liss is looking forward to running again following his successful operation at St Mary’s NHS Treatment Centre.

St Mary's NHS Treatment Centre - Success Story - Mark WilkieProfessional gardener Mark Wilkie, aged 50, had enjoyed a successful running career throughout his thirties, running and winning road races across the south of England, until Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction put a stop to his running for nearly a decade. The condition can cause excruciating pain on one side of the lower back or buttocks that then radiates down the leg.

Following his diagnosis and treatment, Mark was once again running, this time with Liss Runners. But after a year he felt that something was not quite right.

I couldn’t find anything wrong but I knew something else was wrong around the hip area.

The pain developed and spread down his leg.

A lump appeared on my left thigh, which was eventually diagnosed as a hernia. I talked to my GP and asked if we could delay the operation to December, which, as a gardener, is my quiet time.

However, following the Alresford 10k race Mark experienced more pain. A further visit to his GP revealed a second hernia developing on the right hand side.

I decided I wanted to have the operation straight away as I had heard it is better to operate when the hernia is still small.

I researched waiting times and consultants and found that St Mary’s had a good team and a six-week waiting list for hernia operations. I met with the consultant, who was very informative, and I was very impressed with the centre, which was very clean.

On the day of the operation, which was a bilateral hernia repair, everything went well. My wife came with me. She has fibromyalgia, a painful condition that also causes ‘fibro-fog’ or problems with mental processes and concentration. The reception team were fantastic and kept her informed of what was happening to me as well as ensuring she was OK.

Mark talked to his consultant about returning to running and he was advised to start jogging three months after the operation.

I am doing my 30-minute walking exercise every day and I am very much looking forward to being race-fit again.

Hospital director Penny Daniels said:

I am delighted to hear Mr Wilkie is on the road to recovery. Each year we carry out around 275 hernia operations enabling people in the county to get back to the work and to the hobbies they love.

Hernia surgery is one of a range of treatments available at St Mary’s NHS Treatment Centre. If your GP agrees that you need treatment you can ask them to refer you to the hospital for treatment – it is part of your choice as an NHS patient.