Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle

Going green and having zero waste may be a little hard to accomplish in one go, but there are ways to at least begin reducing the amount of waste you bring into your home and throw out of it.

Refuse to buy things with lots of packaging:

If you have no choice, leave the packaging at the till for the store to sort. It may sound extreme but it also helps to send a message to the owners that customers don’t need unneccesary amounts of packaging with their shopping.

Reduce how much you buy:

Cut down on buying things that you don’t really need, think carefully before you say yes to that brand new dress, and aim to buy used items before you splurge for the new.

Reuse items in your home:

Reuse as much as you can before you have to get rid of it, and repurpose worn out items where you can.

Recycle, recycle, recycle:

Freeze food scraps to give to someone who can compost them if you don’t have your own compost bin. Take your glass rubbish to a recycling point if your local council do not pick do a curb pick up. Take plastic shopping bags to a supermarket that can recycle these. Take old appliances to a local refuse site. Bag up clothes and materials that aren’t good enough to sell on or be sold in a charity shop, label them as ‘rags’ and either still take them to a charity shop but let them know they are ‘rags’ or take them to H&M to give to their garment collection programme.