Please explore the list of FAQs below to see if you find the answers you need. If not, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form.

We also have FAQs for patients.

What to do when arriving at the Urgent Treatment Centre?

When you arrive at the Urgent Treatment Centre you will need to take a ticket from the ticket machine in the Adult Waiting Area, and then take a seat. When your number is called you will need to go to the reception desk where a patient services administrator will input your personal details and your reason for attendance on to our computer system.

You will then need to take a seat and wait to be called in to the Triage Room where a practitioner will take a brief history to prioritise your clinical need to be seen. You will then return to the waiting room, until a UTC Practitioner is available to treat you.

Please be aware that patients are seen in order of priority and not in order of arrival .

Where do I go if I need urgent help?

In case of emergency, always call 999.

If it’s not an emergency and you’re not sure where to go or who to see, call 111.

Am I able to get the medication I may need for my condition at the Urgent Treatment Centre?

Yes, our UTC practitioners are able to prescribe a majority of medications if your medical condition requires it. You will then be able to take the prescription to any chemist like you would with the prescription you may get from your GP.

How can I give feedback and comments following my visit?

You can give feedback following your visit to the Urgent Treatment Centre by using our contact form. We encourage all of our patients to complete a short patient satisfaction survey during their visit.

Are you able to provide me with repeat prescriptions?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide patients with any repeat prescription that their GP has prescribed them. We advise patients to follow their doctor’s surgery directions for obtaining your medications.

I am already receiving treatment from my GP for my condition. Can I come to the Urgent Treatment Centre for a second opinion?

If you are already under the care of your GP for your condition our staff are unable to intervene in the care you GP is providing you. We would only see you in these circumstances if there has been a sudden change in your condition and in which case we would assess and get you back to see your GP as soon as possible.

How will you keep the details I share with you private?

Like all health organisations we are legally obliged to maintain your confidentiality at all times adhering to the Data Protection Act. This means that any information you share with us is stored safely and only used for the purpose of providing treatment for you and will not be shared with anyone else apart from your GP, other health care professionals that are relevant to your care.

Is there free car parking facilities?

The main car park is opposite the main entrance of the Hospital. Parking is “Pay-On-Exit” system. You can find additional information regarding parking on this page.

Are you able to provide x-rays?

Yes. We have an in-house diagnostic x-ray department which provides x-ray services across the same opening hours as the Urgent Treatment Centre.

Are you able to see patients with minor head injuries?

Yes we are able to see patients with minor head injuries, however if the patient has had a loss of consciousness (knocked out) they should attend the nearest Emergency Department or dial 999 for an ambulance immediately.

How long will I have to wait to be seen?

It is very difficult to say how long you will have to wait to be seen by our staff. The average waiting times are within two hours but more often than not our patients are seen, assessed and discharged within one hour. However this will of course depend on the time of day, how many patients are in the department and patients that need to be seen more urgently. Please be assured that we aim to keep our waiting times to a minimum and we continually review patient flow and waiting times. Our waiting times are generally shorter than those you may experience in an Emergency Department.

Are you able to see minor illnesses as well as minor injuries?

Yes. We are able to treat a majority of minor illness as well as minor injuries. Examples of what we are able to treat for injuries and illness can be found here.

Are there refreshments available while I am waiting to be seen?

Yes, there are some vending machines available within the Urgent Treatment Centre and there is also a small canteen available to patients and their relatives over at the main campus site during weekdays only. If you have booked in at reception and you decide to go over to the canteen, please inform a member of staff as we may be looking for you in an emergency situation.

Can patients see GPs as well as UTC practitioners?

On arrival you will be assessed and a decision will be taken on whether you will see a GP or UTC practitioner based on your medical condition. There are no changes to the services we offer.

If you’re in any doubt please call 111 but if it’s an emergency you must go to the Emergency Department.

What is the best time to visit?

The Urgent Treatment Centre is open from 7:30am – 10:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:00am – 10:00pm Saturday and Sunday – although it is worth noting we do not accept patients after 10:00pm.

It is difficult to determine an ideal time to visit the Urgent Treatment Centre due to the nature of the service.